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323F HistoryThe Mazda Familia is Mazda's compact car family, also known as the Mazda 323 in Europe and North America and later known as the Mazda Protege in North America, produced in Japan between 1976 and 2003. The first Familias were styled by Italy's Giugiaro and shown in 1963 as the Mazda 1000 Berlina. The next generation (joined by the Wankel-powered R100 version) were among the first Mazda cars sold in the United States. 10,589,052 examples of this car were sold worldwide since introduction.

Later Familias appeared with a succession of names around the world, including 1000, 1200, and 1300, 800, 808, and 818, Mizer, GLC, 323, Protege (sic) and Astina.

In the United States it was originally known as the GLC, then the 323, then finally from 1990 on as the Protege. In South Africa it was known as the Etude. The Ford Focus-based Mazda 3 replaced this platform for 2004, though Mazda still contributed much to the project.

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